Creating world best health care centers


All our franchise health centres will be provided with the same training. After course completion your staff will be accredited according to Dutch medical guidelines.

Once the project is operating, we stay committed to your franchise. We guarantee on-going training for staff and professional teams in order to sustain learning levels. Skills and abilities of all staff members need to match the technology they are using. Moreover, We help you to maintain contact with funders and investors to ensure the project is economically sustainable. It is all part of what we understand and facilitate.

The courses are covered by the franchise royalty fee. The initial course includes treatment protocols and medical topics related to the franchise concept of your choosing. Our curriculum will be as follows:

1. Basics, we like to call it ‘The training of our concept’.

• What is the ADMC DNA, who are we?
• ADMC Vision and Mission
• Networks & Systems (IT), CRM and ERP
• Interior design
• Triple T-Concept (Treatment, Training, Trading)
• Sales, and how it is best conducted
• Procedures

2. QMS

3. Treatment protocols and related medical topics

4. Train the trainers

5. How to use (medical) equipment

Additional courses might be required depending on the performance of the franchisee and additional costs might be incurred.

Multi Sensory Environment
Innovative Interventions
  • Motor Development and Intervention
  • Self reliant back/spinal injuries
  • Chronic Pain
Psychological Training for Youth and Women
  • Training Curriculum for Volunteers
  • First Aid Psychological Support
  • Narrative Exposure Therapy Techniques
  • Drama therapy using Folk Stories
  • Stress Management in humanitarian field
  • Burnout Prevention
  • Needs Assessment skills
  • Psychology of Change and Change Readiness
  • Positive Parenting during crisis
  • Psychological approaches and techniques for displaced and migrants
  • Community and Social Cohesion for marginalized and disadvantaged
  • Early Marriage Prevention program
  • Sexual and Reproduction Health
  • Gender and Sexual Based Violence Prevention program
  • Capacity Building Selective Topics
  • Youth Resilience Program
  • Dealing with Post Portem Depression
  • Leading support groups for single mothers