Over the past decades obesity has become a threat to the national health of many countries. Obesity is the fifth leading cause of death globally. A problem that can be attributed to bad eating and lifestyle habits, and is influenced by genetic factors. The current obesity crisis is putting an incremental strain on health systems, which is causing healthcare costs to explode. Increasing awareness has slowly been teaching people to adopt a healthy lifestyle to prevent cardiovascular disease. However, developing healthy eating and lifestyle habits has often proven to be a challenge. ADMC centres offer help for people to gradually adapt to healthy living, in order to change their lifestyle on the long haul.

The rapid growth of obesity rates began in the 1980’s. Data from the WHO reveals that in 2008 1.5 billion adults over the age of 20 were overweight, with some 500 million classified as obese. Another alarming health trend is the childhood obesity rate. To date, obesity rates are still rising. With increasing awareness and acceptance of healthy lifestyle in western European countries, people have become more interested in living longer and leading more active lives. We believe that ADMC centres are well positioned to take advantages of these positive lifestyle trends.

ADMC offers step-by-step guidance to people in order to adopt a healthy lifestyle. This includes nutritional advice, activity services and psychological support to fully adapt to healthy living. Our multidisciplinary and comprehensive approach to healthcare provides clients with all required care within one facility.

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