Horseback riding in a controlled and safe environment for you and your children. Place the chair anywhere you feel comfortable and start your exercise. Hippotherapy is a natural way of promoting your wellbeing. Its therapeutic effects improve the wellbeing of your body and mind. It offers relaxation, balance and stimulates blood circulation. Also accessible to people with physical disabilities by the use of virtual reality!


Horseback riding is not only fun, but also healthy. ADMC offers hippotherapy as a treatment technique at our health centres. A study from VUB, for which state of the art Polhemus Measuring Equipment was used, proved that the postural control on the horse was comparable to real horseback riding.

Hippotherapy is can also be used for people with a disability. The therapy is available to walking, sitting and lying people. In wheelchairs for example, people can make use of the wheelchair stage. In combination with virtual reality, people can strengthen their body and mind. The passive movement on the chair, stage or bed is initiated by means of robotics. Virtual reality and sound improve the overall stimulations of the senses.

ADMC believes that healthy living, exercise and cognitive stimulation should be made available to everyone. Take responsibility of your health and the wellbeing of people around you. Try out Hippotherapy! It’s not only healthy, it is also a lot of fun

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