Virtual reality therapy

Virtual reality therapy

Every ADMC centre is part of our extensive health network. In our network we not only exchange expertise and knowledge, we also keep our treatment methods up to date and implement the latest technology. Virtual reality is part of several treatment methods that our ADMC centres provide. This innovative technology in healthcare has shown to be incredibly useful in various situations. Virtual reality treatment has been around for a while. To date, the treatment is rarely implemented due to costs and technology limitations. Due to recent developments of virtual reality treatment, mobile VR headsets offer a great opportunity for clients around the world.

Virtual reality treatment is a very effective tool to help clients with physical or mental health issues related to stress and anxiety. Many of us experience a certain level of anxiety during our lives. Anxiety can be extremely debilitating on a certain level. Anxiety can be caused by stress at work, fears and phobias or other anxiety disorders. These anxieties are limiting people’s ability to function in our society and therefore affect our daily lives. Virtual reality can help people to overcome or manage certain fears in a controlled environment without the use of medication.

Many doctors still prescribe drugs to suppress feelings of stress and anxiety. Certain disorders still require medication. However, in many situations clients can be treated by use of virtual reality techniques. Currently, part of the problem is the lack of specific training of physicians combined with the difficulty to gain access to qualified mental health practitioners. Certain treatment techniques for anxiety such as cognitive behavioural therapy and exposure therapy could be highly effective when virtual reality treatment is administered.

ADMC provides virtual reality equipment and training to administer treatment properly. Our virtual reality treatment method can be used remotely. In a market with a growing number of people suffering from anxiety disorders, decentralization of treatment is a huge benefit.

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